Powerful Online Customs Declaration in Malaysia

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Declaration of multiple form could be a tedious job. However, With our service, all the declaration can be done within a Single Page.

Data Validation before sending

With our proudly develop eComm engine. Each of the data that was issued within the form is verified first before it is send to Sistem Maklumat Kastam. Any error that has been made can be trace & track which helping your company in reducing cost.

Weekly currency update

All trades are required to comply with latest currency price. With our services, currency update is done weekly to enhance your business progress

Connection status verification

Our software come with a connection status between MFT and EDI Server , which help to check the live connection. This will help narrowing and trouble-shooting problems.

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With dynamic and unpredictable market, scale your business with us where this service is for Unlimited User and Usage. With us, there is no more concern on your expansion nor reducing operation cost.

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